Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Spring Quarter/ End of the Year!

Hey Rugger fanatics!

Sorry I've been pretty M.I.A. this season, BUT we have some great news!
Our 2014-2015 Rookie Class has finally graduated as of this last weekend, so congrats on their survival over this last season.

Usually during spring quarter, it's a little more lax and it's usually when a lot of the girls have fun practices and focus on getting fit for sevens or for the upcoming fall season for fifteens. If you are at all interested in playing sevens this summer (many of our girls will be playing sevens with some of the Seattle Women's teams) the Emerald City Mudhens and the Seattle Saracens (after their fifteens season is over in the next two weeks. CONGRATS ON NATIONALS, SARRIES!). Feel free to check out their websites for information, that are listed below:

Make sure to keep up with our facebook, instagram and twitter! We'll have lots of updates as soon as we start to practice as a team again towards the end of the summer.